RESEARCH PEARL: Failed Back Surgical Syndrome Medical Care

And there's chiropractic care for failed back surgical syndrome (FBSS) or post surgical continued pain syndrome (PSCP) patients. Cox Technic has several cases and case series published on the clinical effectiveness of chiropractic Cox Technic flexion distraction spinal manipulation for failed back surgical syndrome. Check them out...
In the meantime, medicine is trying to find a way to contend with its cases of failed back surgical syndrome. In December two papers came out with potential treatment approaches: 
  1. Multidisciplinary streamlined care to ensure that care is provided in a uniform manner to reduce variation in practice and improve patient outcomes.
  2. Researchers recommend using an evidence-based approach to treatment of FBSS.
Chiropractic has an evidence based way to  help these FBSS patients that includes interaction with other professionals as necessary.
Enjoy these new articles! Welcome FBSS post-surgical continued back pain patients to your practice! 

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