Research Pearl: How to Avoid Pain As You Age

Dr. Cox so enjoyed the research coming out in November 2019! This research pearl started his pearls collection. 

What factors influence NOT getting musculoskeletal related diseases like osteoporosis, knee arthritis, lumbar spinal disc degeneration and related back pain in middle-age and older age? Lower body mass index, lower spinal inclination, higher back muscle strength, no locomotive syndrome, and good body balance. What’s the result of having these positive factors? A better quality of life.  Read more about the study, and share its findings!

Imagama S, Ando K, Kobayashi K, Machino M, Tanaka S, Morozumi M, Kanbara S, Ito S, Inoue T, Seki T, Ishizuka S, Nakashima H, Ishiguro N, Hasegawa Y: Multivariate Analysis Of Factors Related To The Absence Of Musculoskeletal Degenerative Disease In Middle-Aged And Older People. Geriatr Gerontol Int 2019;19(11):1141-1146

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Happy Thanksgiving from us in Indiana! 

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