Research Pearl: Neuropathic Pain and Back Pain

Neuropathic pain is frequent on low back pain patients, 43.9% frequent. In this new study, patients are 44.8 years of age (mean) and 77.9% of them had chronic low back pain. Neuropathic pain patients were older, had experience low back pain longer, and had higher body mass indices. Unemployed and sedentary patients had more neuropathic pain. High-activity employees had less by 1.76 times than other groups like office workers and retired patients. More active work reduced the risk of having neuropathic pain. These facts prompted the researchers to suggest that exercise is an important intervention along with treatment for low back pain. 
It's published!
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Read more: Erhan B, Gumussu K, Kara B, Bulut GT, Yalçınkaya EY: The Frequency Of Neuropathic Pain In Turkish Patients With Low Back Pain: A Cross-Sectional Study. Acta Neurol Belg 2020 [Epub ahead of print] 

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