RESEARCH PEARL OF THE MONTH - Chiropractic is Underused

A new study published on use of chiropractic by chronic back pain patients reveals that chiropractic use is underused. What a great opportunity for growth! The study reports that 53.8% of chronic back pain patients seeking care for their pain only sought care from a family physician. 20.9% sought care from a family physician and a chiropractor. 16.2% sought care from a family physician and a physiotherapist.  2.5% sought care from a chiropractor only. 1.0% sought care from a physiotherapist only.  
Chiropractic has huge potential for growth. The research needs to keep being published. Patients need to keep getting relief. Clinical outcomes need to keep being shared interdisciplinarily so everyone understands the role they play in managing, controlling and relieving back pain. Read the article. Share your patient outcomes with co-managing physicians. Keep spreading the word about back pain relief with chiropractic.

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