Haven Innovation is the premier chiropractic flexion distraction table manufacturer and distributor of The Cox8 Table. 
In the chiropractic table world, the flexion distraction table is important to at least 64% of chiropractors as 64% of chiropractors told the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners that they offer flexion distraction treatment. (Yes, only a fraction of those are certified in Cox Technic flexion distraction protocols, but a licensed chiropractor may use any technique he or she chooses!)
So when it comes to equipping your chiropractic office with a chiropractic flexion distraction table,  quality and price are expected. 
With those expectations in mind, Haven Innovation offers a special sale on The Cox8 Table for $1500 less than usual for a short time. Contact Lance at Haven Innovation for all the details. A choice of a low base (which goes about 3" lower than the regular base table) or regular base table is available. Otherwise The Cox8 Table comes fully equipped and ready to go.  
Contact Lance at Haven about getting your Cox Table today. 

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