SALE on The Cox8 Table - Lowest Ever!

Haven Innovation announces the Lowest-ever February Fare on The Cox8 Table, the premier chiropractic flexion distraction instrument for Cox Technic flexion distraction spinal manipulation. Flexion distraction protocols and The Cox Table go together. Both are smooth, rhythmical, and oscillatory! The flexion distraction instrument, The Cox Table, meets the chiropractic physician's need for a responsive and easy to handle instrument so his or her focus can be on the patient's spine under his or her hand. It is the premier tool for the back pain specialist offering flexion distraction in his or her chiropractic practice. Flexion distraction is hands-on chiropractic technique, and The Cox Table is the flexion distraction instrument for the chiropractic physician. 
Click here for more information on flexion distraction and spinal decompression.
Click here for more information on The Cox Table, the chiropractic flexion distraction table.
Check out this video that shows just what the Cox Table can do.

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