Special Edition Pens by Dr Cox - Cherry Wood!

Check out these beautiful cherry wood pens! Dr. James Cox turns wood pens as a hobby away from reading spinal research. It calms his mind...except when the wood cracks mid-turn, but like everything in his life, he's tenacious and starts again! (Cherry wood was more delicate than he thought and ended up losing 1 pen for every 2 he started due to cracking.) Anyway, check out the pens...and the hands that made them!
Much apprecation goes out to Dr. Paulette Hugulet, certified Cox Technic physician in LeGrande, Oregon, who shared a "hunk" of the cherry tree in her yard that fell this year. She, too, wants to support continued research efforts in chiropractic and for Cox Technic flexion distraction decompression spinal manipulation. 
Make your donation online today. Donations over $200 can select from the cherry wood pens. Pick a pen. Tell Julie the # in an email, and she'll send it to you. 
Thank you! 
 Dr. James Cox's handmade wood pens for chiropractic research...

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