Study at Home: Cervical Spine Flexion Distraction Webinar

Dr. James Cox presents an hour of discussion and treatment demonstration regarding the cervical spine: anatomy, flexion distraction research, current review of published papers on neck pain and arm pain, clinical outcomes with flexion distraction Cox Technic care as well as treatment demonstration for cervical spine and upper thoracic spine.
From his home office, Dr. Cox allows you to study at home. Online learning today for chiropractic physicians is expanding. You may learn much from his practical, clinical application of flexion distraction principles and presentation of actual cases of neck pain due to disc herniation, post-surgical fusion and the like.
Learning at home from the comfort of your own space on your own time is invaluable. There are 18 courses in total from which to choose. An hour goes by quite quickly when you encounter practical protocols and information tips that you can implement in your practice tomorrow morning.
For more information on these opportunities to study at home with Dr. Cox, review the course content then register online.

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