Talk with Fellow Cox Technic Colleagues about Cases

"I have a patient who..." 
Clinical practice may seem lonely at times. Chiropractors often practice solo or are too busy to talk with colleagues. Chiropractors never know who or what condition may come through the door. That's ok! Join the DOCTORS WHO WANT TO TALK ABOUT COX TECHNIC group on Facebook and share your cases: successes, challenges, exciting, sad. 
The group of certified Cox Technic flexion distraction physicians continues to grow. Awesome! The new docs may have some questions about protocols as they get started integrating the protocols and procedures of flexion distraction into daily practice. The longer-certified doctors are thrilled to get the chance to share their wisdom and excitement about back pain relief and neck pain relief that they've been able to produce for their patients over the years. It's a great way to bring the two together.
It's kind of like a virtual apprenticeship for newly certified (or currently contemplating certification) Cox Technic  chiropractic physicians: the Facebook group for Cox Technic.
So don't be shy. Reach out for help. Share your experience. Share your wisdom. Gain confidence that what you are doing is right. Gather more support for your own individual practice.
Just go the the Cox Technic Facebook Group page today and request to join.
You are welcome! 

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