TED Talk by Dr. Habib, Certified Cox Physician

Certified Cox Technic physician, Wael Habib MD DC, presented a TED Talk at GUC on how his interest in chiropractic came about during his time as an emergency room physician and how he practices now. He discusses how chiropractic works and how certain chiropractic techniques and instructors explain and approach such conditions like back pain, neck pain, migraine and such. These conditions he'd see in the emergency room and not be able to help as well. 
Melding his medical and his chiropractic educations for the relief of patients is his goal. His presentation about the chiropractic aspect is enlightening.
We remember meeting Dr. Habib while he was finishing his education at the National University of Health Sciences and took the certification course. His enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for patient care made him standout of the crowd, much as he does in his TED Talk. 
Dr. Habib now practices in Egypt.

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