The Pearls - They Tie the Research to Clinical Practice

Dr. James Cox loves research. (Have you ever seen him in lecture?!) He relishes getting to his computer each morning to see what papers are in his keyword search report of the previous day's medical publishings. He delights in reading spinal research that impacts the clinical practice of back pain specialists. He passionately shares these precious "research pearls" each month.
For the back pain specialists who are so busy each day seeing patients, filling out forms, learning new coding procedures, and finding time to breathe in between, Dr. Cox summarizes the most exciting and impactful research studies for the "Cox Research Pearls" each month.
It's time consuming to go through all the articles (sometimes 200 to 400 a day that come up with the keywords he uses) and pull out the most impactful. It's time consuming to figure out how the new finding links to the old. It's overwhelming to  imagine finding time each day to do this.
So let Dr. Cox - who loves this! - do the work. Let him tie the new research to the clinical practice. His mind is like a computer filled with spinal research facts of over 50 years that inputs new information and links it to old and makes it practical for you to implement in your daily practice. You'll be amazed at how the patient described in one of these studies will surprisingly come walking through your door soon after you read about his/her condition, test or symptom.
One more twist! Dr. Cox now summarizes ON AUDIO the most exciting articles from the past month.  So if reading the research isn't your thing, you can download Dr. Cox's Chats (free downloads for Cox Technic Complete subscribers!) to your MP3 or iPhone and take a walk or jog or drive to work and be inspired by Dr. Cox as he shares his passion for spine pain treatment, literature and relief!

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