Video Course on Examination of the Cervical Spine Pain Patient

A month of preparation and review leading to this presentation on the chiropractic cervical spine and thoracic spine examination, tests, and interpretation renewed Dr. Cox's respect for the intricate design of the cervical spine and how it really deserves a careful examination and thoughtful, directed treatment plan.
In this hour-long presentation, Dr. Cox reviews the structure of the cervical spine, shares his examination form and the subjective evaluators he uses, and demonstrates all the tests he does when he sees a cervical spine pain (and thoracic spine pain) patient. Again, he encourages leaving no test undone and sticking to a routine when examining spinal pain, particularly neck pain and arm pain patients.
Dr. Cox shares how he records his cervical spine exam findings, shares them with his neck pain and arm patient, and establishes a treatment plan that includes patient co-operation. Algorithms of decision-making and how the Cox Technic 50% Rule applies to the treatment plan for the cervical spine and thoracic spine pain patient.

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