VIDEO: Osteoporosis and Nutrition - All the Latest!

Dr. James Cox devotes this hour webinar the topic of clinical nutrition and more specifically osteoporosis. It's a pervasive concern in the world. It's facts, risks, outcomes and management are to be shared. So much of today's medical literature and research is being published, yet the public isn't up-to-date nor is it reacting appropriately to the nutritional recommendations to avoid osteoporosis and its complications. Men aren't exempt. They have risk for it as well as women, but they don't pay attention either. And teens...they should be taking calcium and vitamin D. Do they? No. Osteoporosis is thought of as a problem for older people when in actuality it is a disease of youth when bone mass is being built.
So join Dr. Cox for this quick hour of the latest in clinical nutrition and osteoporosis information. You'll be inspired to talk to your patients about it all afternoon afterwards!

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