VIDEO Ready of "When to Refer for Back Surgery - Part #3"

Back surgery is a difficult decision most times for both the back pain specialist physician and the back pain patient. There are guidelines and algorithms to follow that can ease the process and comfort all parties as they move forward with a treatment plan whose final goal is pain relief. If a conservative route can meet that goal, great! If a surgical consultation and/or ultimate surgery meet that goal, great!
In this third and final installment of this presentation, Dr. James Cox continues to share actual patient cases that bring to light just how to integrate and implement the research recommendations and guides for "when do I make a referral for back surgery?" into the patient treatment plan. He presents these cases as examples of the thought processes and decisions that guided each of these cases:
  • sequestration (nutrition, surgery, post-surgical care)
  • chronic low back pain into hips and legs to feet
  • S1 radiculopathy, disc protrusion, neurotin not tolerated
  • multi-level disc herniations with severe radiculopathy
  • unremitting hip pain
  • low back pain, bilateral leg pain, weakness
So register to explore the current state of back surgery decision-making through these cases that you'll certainly recognize as ones like you see everyday. This recorded webinar is of value to the back pain specialist seeking evidence-based protocols to implement in his or her back pain practice today.
time: 1 hour
instructor: Dr.James Cox 

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