Warm Location Seminars - San Diego, Maui!

Join a Cox Seminar, just for back pain specialists, this winter. San Diego and Maui.
You get your continuing education credits (for most states), and you get your enthusiasm for being a chiropractor boosted.
The Part I course in San Diego offers the foundational aspects to the biomechanics, examination and diagnosis of the Cox® Technic System of Spine Pain Management. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine are addressed. Part of the time is spent in lecture and part is spent in smaller groups actually performing the protocols.
The Maui course is a Part III (All are welcome! Certified, re-certifying and just interested doctors!) the course that brings all the latest in spine research to you like...
this paper that makes the Cox® Technic System's 50% Rule look more realistic and clinically relevant for treatment and outcome. Here's a summary:

Researchers report that with the current literature, they were not able to find an association between surgery and several characteristics (like smoking status, body mass index, neurological deficit, positive straight leg testing, and level of herniation). They conclude that individual radiographic and clinical features are not able to predict the likelihood of surgical intervention.

Reference: White, AP; Harrop, J; Dettori, JR: Can Clinical And Radiological Findings Predict Surgery For Lumbar Disc Herniation? A Systematic Literature Review. Evid Based Spine Care J 2012;3(1):45-52

...as well as the latest in the federally funded research projects' outcomes for Cox® Technic flexion distraction specifically. Also, Dr. Cox and certified colleagues present patient cases from their practices to demonstrate clinical outcomes using the protocols. These cases lead to discussions that are most interesting and relevant to the back pain specialist's practice.

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