WEBINAR Recording: Scoliosis with Dr. Cox

Dr. James Cox, developer of Cox® Technic, prepared this special topic webinar on the Treatment and Clinical Outcome Of Developmental And Permanent Scoliosis integrating and/or utilizing Cox® Spine Manipulation And Exercises Of SEAS, Schroth, Mehta, and Lyons. Many research papers discussing scoliosis treatment approaches are shared to show that there is controversy about and variety in approaches to scoliosis. Dr. Cox doesn't claim to have "the" way but does present literature he's read of late and found helpful to his patients to help physicians and scoliosis patients and their families decide on their path of care. He presents the research papers, researchers, controversies, treatment approaches, and  exercise systems controversy  to managing developmental and permanent scoliosis. He presents cases he has treated with imaging, treatment plan and outcomes as well as a discussion of leg length inequality, osteoporosis, and post-surgical treatment.
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There is NO CE Credit available for this viewing. The course will be loaded to the learning management system for Cox Technic and CE will be requested. This will likely be done in 6 months (from now which is April 2020).
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