WEBINAR: Spinal Cysts (Synovial, Tarlov & Discal): Differentiation & Treatment Demo

Dr. James Cox loves to share the literature findings, especially those that impact daily clinical practice. Spinal cysts are impacting clinical practice. Seeing a cyst on an MRI doesn't necessarily define it. What does? Dr. Cox will share that information.
Synovial, Tarlov and discal cysts will be discussed and defined. Actual patient cases of these cysts will be presented from examination, presentation, imaging, treatment and outcome. And by the way, the treatment will be demonstrated live. Electrical stimulation pad placement will also be shown.
So join Dr. Cox for this quick hour (or so) on Wednesday, March 14, 2012, at 12:30 EST.
If you can't join it live, a version of it will be made available for on-demand download like other webinar presentations he's done.

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