WFC South Africa Presentation on Cervical Spine F/D

Dr. Christine Goertz took a poster for presentation at the World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) Durban, South Africa, conference. Many researchers presented their chiropractic research - clinical, biomechanical, etc.- at the conference.
This flexion distraction centered poster presentation presented findings from the NIH federally funded research project at Palmer Research Center. Senior author of the project is Ram Gudavalli, PhD.
It measured the forces applied to the cervical spine of patients during Cox Technic flexion distraction application.
It noted drops in intradiscal pressure at all specific levels of the cervical spine - C4-5 through C7-T1.
It also noted the intra-clinician reliability. Are the forces similar from one clinician to another? Yes, they are.
Cox Technic flexion distraction for cervical spine pain conditions continues to be studied biomechanically and clinically.


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