WW Webinar VIDEO: Lumbar Spine Disc Degeneration (Spondylosis)


Thank you for your interest in this "Webinar Wednesday with Dr. Cox" on Lumbar Spine Disc Degeneration (Spondylosis) and chiropractic care. Dr. Cox shares a few notes on new research studies, a description of the condition, an imaging review of what it looks like, a specially written guide to its treatment, and a demonstration of said treatment of lumbar spine disc degeneration on The Cox®8 Force Table


NOTES link to download
VIDEO link to watch - PREMIERE on YouTube at 12:30pm EST on March 17!


To learn more about lumbar spine degenerative disc disease, we have a few videos available as well as the textbook with cases.  Join a live seminar with hands-on sessions when you are comfortable.

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