You Missed It! 4 Days of Excitement!

What an exciting 4 days of chiropractic continuing education had by all in Fort Wayne, Indiana, home of Cox Technic and its developer, Dr. James M. Cox! Doctors from as far away as Australia (Northern Territory and Melbourne) and Canada and as close as our hometown joined to really hone their skills as back pain specialists.
Certification in Cox Technic is a 30 hours course usually done over two weekends as Part I and Part II. The tests are also completed over the weekend. Combining these two courses into 4 days of 30 hours of continuing education is a feat! But holding the course in Fort Wayne works quite well as Dr. Cox is local and 4 other instructors join him (Drs. Joachim, Kruse, and Olding who teach Part I and lead the hands on sections) and Dr. Gudavalli (who is the principle investigator of flexion distraction research projects) to keep the weekend active. Another huge benefit: Haven Innovation, manufacturer of The Cox8 Table, is just 3 hours away, so its crew supplies tables for the weekend, including the in-development table with transducers. Exciting! Dr. Gudavalli also shares his transducer to objectively train attendees in how much pressure to properly apply the protocols of Cox Technic flexion distraction.
Cox Technic has evolved so much. If you attended 25 years ago, come again. So much has happened in the last month (like 2 new papers - one published and one accepted for publishing!) let alone in 25 years.
Check out our Facebook page for some pictures from the weekend!
3 re-certifying doctors attended all four days...and really enjoyed it! 2 re-certifying doctors attended just Part II and enjoyed that. Some new to certification doctors and students attended all 30 hours plus the extra optional 2 hours for a total of 32 hours of CE. One doctor could only attend Part I and will join us for Part II another time. CRAZY! But we welcome doctors and students, certified and recertifying doctors, partial weekend or full 4 days. Just come!
Join us for the next 4 days' seminar on November 6-9, 2015.  
 Dr. Ralph Kruse teaches Part I (non-disc) material.
 Dr. Cox leads Part II academics.
Dr. George Joachim leads hands-on instruction group. 
Dr. Kurt Olding leads hands-on group.
Dr. Ralph Kruse leads hands-on group. 

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