Back Pain Specialist

You have back pain, low back pain, neck pain, arm pain, leg pain.
You want...and from a back pain specialist.
Back pain specialists focus their attention and continued learning on how to best examine and diagnose as well as treat back pain patients most effectively. There is a call particularly in light of healthcare reform for back pain physicians to distinguish between the back pain only patient and the back pain patient with radiculopathy (extremity pain). (3) Back pain specialists tend to have a larger number of patients with back pain, so their experience with back pain, its symptoms and its relief tends to be greater. Back pain specialists are comfortable with the challenge the back pain patient brings to their office. The back pain specialist sets a treatment plan specifically for your back pain and its relief.
The back pain specialist's treatment plan is founded on evidence-based protocols resulting from clinical and biomechancial research documenting the efficacy of the back pain specialist's chosen treatment. When a treatment plan is established, the back pain patient and back pain specialist depend on it to lead them to a successful conclusion, back pain relief. And not all back pain requires surgery. Back surgeons even prefer to see only those patients who require surgery and appreciate back pain specialists who are informed of the patient who requires a back pain specialist in surgery versus those who require a back pain specialist who offers non-surgical care. (1)
Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression Spinal Manipulation offers the evidence upon which to base the treatment plan. From the federally funded biomechanical studies (completed and underway) and clinical studies (comparing medical to flexion distraction) to the experience based clinical case reports, Cox Technic is evidence based care for back pain relief. Cox® Technic elevates the trained chiropractic physician's confidence to successfully handle the 1 out of 4 patients -- the disc herniation and stenosis patients -- who cost 95% of the healthcare dollars going to treat back pain. This success in the non-surgical relief of back pain makes these doctors back pain specialists in their communities.
Cox® Technic research and evidence of its successful care of back pain is documented. Textbooks, peer-reviewed journals, and clinical case reports describe the clinical outcomes of back pain specialists who employ Cox® Technic.
Consult a Cox® Technic certified physician and know that as your back pain specialist, he or she will guide your back pain relief treatment plan competently and effectively.