Cox Technic as an Alternative to Back Surgery

Cox® Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression spinal manipulation may be your alternative to back surgery to relieve your pain.
Cox® Technic drops intradiscal pressures, opens the spinal canal area by 28%, and widens the intervertebral foramen, making more room for the spinal nerves. (12) 
Back pain drives its sufferers to search for solutions. Surgery, for some reason, often comes to mind first. An alternative to back surgery for pain relief is sometimes considered, but groups like the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recommend spinal manipulation for the primary care of low back pain (1) and research studies like these are calling for an alternative to back surgery to be tried before surgery: 
  • Spinal manipulation is safe and recommended for acute low back pain. (2)
  • A trial of conservative, non-operative care is advised before surgery for patients with lumbar disc herniation. (3)
  • Aggressive, non-surgical care of spinal stenosis is reasonable. (4)
Alternative to back surgery results are quite similar to surgical care results.
  • Surgery in the long term shows only slightly better results than conservative care. (5)
  • low back and leg pain: 69% surgical vs 61% non-surgical (6)
  • spinal stenosis: 53% surgical vs 50% non-surgical (7)
Cox® Technic flexion-distraction is an alternative to back surgery with documented clinical outcomes.
  • Patients (on disability for an average of 60.5 weeks) treated 2-3 times a week for 3 weeks with flexion distraction for relief of a disc herniation (confirmed with MRI) report report 79% improvement in pain and 73% improvement in disability. (8)
  • It is one of the 3 most studied adjustive procedures in chiropractic. (9)
  • 91% of all low back pain patients reported relief in less than 90 days of care. Maximum improvement was attained in an average of 29 days and 12 treatments. (10)
  • Flexion-distraction is published to be the only manipulation for discogenic low back pain. (11)

Cox® Technic helps relieve continued pain after surgery as well. "Failed back surgical syndrome" FBSS patients who want relief if their pre-surgical pain returns or doesn't go away completely.

Contact a certified Cox® Technic physician who is trained in this alternative to back surgery treatment protocol today for relief of your pain.