Daily Supplementation with Formula ONE

In today's fast-paced world of demands pulling all of us - kids, parents, singles, business people, stay-at-home parents - in many directions at once, getting quality nutrition every day is not always guaranteed. Daily supplementation of vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, fat-lowering agents, diegestive enzymes goes far in supporting the body in its quest to keep up with you!
No one likes to take many pills or to have to add one more to the already packed routine, so keeping a daily multi-supplement simple is key. Formula ONE by Cox® Technic Resource Center Inc offers a complete formula with all those basic nutrients to support the immune system and help the other body systems digest, move blood, stretch, etc.
Formula ONE daily multiple supplement is a foundation multi-supplement upon which you can build if needed. Some may need a little extra Vitamin E or D or C, but Formula ONE offers a complete baseline list of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and much more.
Please listen to this audio discussion by Dr. James Cox, founder of Cox Technic, of more important aspects to daily supplementation and to consider choosing Formula ONE as your daily supplement mult-ivitamin-multi-mineral.
Contact Cox® Technic Resource Center for more information on doctors who carry Formula ONE in your area or how to attain Formula ONE as part of your chiropractic practice's nutritional line. Physicians please call 260-637-6609 to order!
NEW! Video about Vitamin B!