Exercise is integral to spinal pain recovery and pain recurrence prevention. Cox® Technic protocols recommend simple exercises that low back pain and neck pain patients can do easily and quickly everyday. Spinal pain exercises focus on stabilizing the spine and strengthening the musculature. You as the low back pain or neck pain patient will notice a difference in a relatively short time.
"Keep it Simple"


Simple exercises done without any tools are just fine. Simple exercises done with simple tubing or a stability ball work nicely. Low back pain patients can even do the exercises in bed before rising if they want.

cervical exercises

Neck pain patients may want to do their exercises upon rising to get started for the day. Whenever they are done, simple exercises work well for spinal pain prevention.
Some patients get excited about exercise once they recognize how much better they feel and notice that the back pain is not recurring. For those patients, more stringent exercises can be discussed or a referral to a trainer or a fitness center can be made. A physician is thrilled if a patients does the minimum exercises to stabilize and strengthen the core. Anything more is a bonus!
Consider the exercise recommendations from the Cox® Technic certified physician, and start exercising today!
* Do not exercise without approval from your physician. If you ever feel pain during exercise, stop and consult your doctor.