Leg Pain Relief

Leg pain can be a drag. It can really trip you up, but flexion distraction can help you get rid of the leg pain.

Often related to a spinal condition like a disc herniation or spinal stenosis, leg pain (aka radiculopathy or sciatica) may go down the leg into the foot and even toes. Bad for you, but good for a certified flexion distraction physician who can correlate your pain to a nerve root during the examination oftentimes. If your big toe hurts, the L5 spinal nerve may be irritated. Neat diagnostic tools, these symptoms!

Flexion distraction’s on-going research efforts, federally funded and otherwise, document that flexion distraction's biomechanical effects - intradiscal pressures reduction and intervertebral foramen of the spinal canal widening - to allow more space for the spinal nerve and any disc that may be invading the space. That’s pain relief!
Flexion distraction spinal manipulation - which is more and more loudly called for as the first line of care by spine pain specialists and insurance alike - for back pain and leg pain relieves on average in 29 days and 12 visits. Some back and leg pain patients find relief in fewer days and visits, sometimes taking only 1 or 2 visits. However, leg pain patients, when it’s severe pain, may find that it takes a bit longer. Leg pain may come and go while healing. When the leg pain goes away for longer periods than it comes, that's a great sign of healing!
Compared to physical therapy (PT), flexion distraction shines. Leg pain patients improved significantly more with flexion distraction than physical therapy (PT).  Its benefits last, too! Flexion distraction was found more effective in reducing pain for a year compared to physical therapy, and fewer flexion distraction patients needed more care at a year for their condition than PT patients (38% vs 54%).  These clinical outcomes make all the difference when dealing with leg pain.
Cox® Technic offers evidence based protocols based on federally funded research, some of which is conducted in conjunction with and at the lab at Hines VA/Loyola Stritch School of Medicine.
Cox Technic treatment for leg pain relief.So, don’t let leg pain be a drag on your lifestyle. Click here to watch the YouTube video of Dr. Cox discuss and demonstrate Cox® Technic for leg pain relief. Then, check the list of certified physicians around the world who offer flexion distraction. They are the back pain specialists ready to make an individual treatment plan to help relieve your leg pain non-surgically and safely. You'll even get some tips on how to control the drag leg pain has on your daily life.