Nutrition is vital to spinal health. If you have no back pain, have back pain now, had back pain in the past, nutrition may be of benefit. Bones in the spine (vertebrae) and the bones throughout the body need good nutrition to develop as well as support and heal. The cartilage in the spine (disc) as well as cartilage throughout the body (like in the knee) need good nutrition to stay healthy.
Cox® Technic protocols are defined protocols for treating spinal pain condition with chiropractic adjusting technique with exercise and other modalities. Nutrition may enhance the clinical outcomes and healing from back pain.
To be effective and maintained, nutrition for back pain relief must be simple. If you are seeking back pain relief, the nutrition supplementation regime should be simple enough for you to stick with it.

Cox® Technic Complete Spinal Nutrition offers the following:
These supplements are offered by local chiropractic physicians.
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