Nutritional Support

Spine pain is not an isolated event. When spine pain affects the body, there is inflammation and pain. Often the bowels are irregular as well. The bones may be fragile. The daily intake of necessary foods to get the beneficial vitamins, herbs, minerals, and anti-oxidants may be on the sidelines. A simple approach to spine pain nutritional management is presented.
Disc & Cartilage

Glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate are commonly discussed for disc and cartilage health. Since some of the earliest documentation of the disc and cartilage nutritional make-up was first discussed, back in the 1960's by Cole, Ghosh and Taylor, the benefits of glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate have been hailed. Further, the importance of the sulfate radical is emphasized. Dr. Cox formulated Discat Plus Capsules from Cox® Technic Resource Center, Inc, available exclusively via chiropractic physicians and special healthcare outlets. 

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There is a lot of talk today about bone health, and many options are presented. The key to remember is that the foundation of bone health starts in youth and teenage years. That's when bone mass grows. We live the rest of our lives on the bone mass we built when we were young. Osteoporosis isn't necessarily a disease of older people, but that of younger people. (Purdue University study). Once we are older and start experiencing side effects of a lacking bone mass like osteoporosis, we can still benefit from supplementation, but it takes a higher quantity of the supplement to get a higher benefit than when we were young. Vitamin D3 and Magnesium are important as is hydrocholoric acid medium to help break down the calcium as fast as possible to assure as much absorption as possible. Dr. Cox formulated Formula #2 Calcium Citrate with Vitamin D3 and Magnesium.

Bowel Health

Constipation often accompanies back pain and can irritate back pain by its resultant straining. So to keep the bowels healthy and/or relieve constipation, a supplement with flax seed, fiber, aloe vera, and peppermint oil is soothing and relieving. Dr. Cox formulated Flax Plus Fiber.

Natural Pain Relief

Pain and inflammation make life quite uncomfortable. Strong pharmaceutical drugs are often integrated into back pain care for the suffering patient. Some patients would like to try a natural pain relieving supplement. Some research-documented pain-relieving ingredients are white willow bark, devil's claw, boswellia serrata and curcumin to name a few. Dr. Cox formulated Disc and Joint Pain Relief Complex to address arthritic type pain. Listen to Dr. Cox discuss the pain-relieving ingredients. 

Immune System Support

The immune system protects us. If we feed it well with good food, rest, exercise, etc., it works well protecting us. If, however, our diet, sleep patterns, and exercise routines are lacking, nutritional supplementation may help. The immune system works off of many different vitamins, herbs, trace minerals, minerals, amino acids, anti-oxidants and fat-lowering agents. Finding all of these in one supplement is an undertaking and often leaves you taking many different supplements to get them all. Dr. Cox wanted to make it easy for his patients with the formulation called Formula ONE, the one formula with it all in it.

Consult your physician for the best and most appropriate nutritional program for your best health.
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