Protocol I and II Conditions

In Cox® Technic, treatment application is determined by the category of pain the patient experiences. Patients with neck pain may have pain that also has resultant arm pain. Patients with low back pain may have pain that also has accompanying leg pain (also known as sciatica). Pain that extends down an extremity is also called radicular pain.
  • Protocol I patients experience pain that extends below the elbow in the arm or below the knee in the leg.
  • Protocol II patients experience pain that stays above the elbow in the arm or above the knee in the leg.
Treatment Protocols
  • Protocol I patients are treated slowly, carefully and manually with a slight bit of flexion (low back or neck) or long-y-axis (neck) until their pain is relieved by 50%.
  • Protocol II patients are treated slowly and carefully as well but their treatment includes introduction of the normal ranges of motion to each segment of the spine.

Consult your certified chiropractic physician who will examine you carefully and give you a full report-of-findings as to which type of protocol your condition demands for pain relief.