The Cost

Although not every chiropractic treatment technique has gone so far as to develop and publish its algorithm of decision-making -- its "standard of care" -- a specific algorithm of decision-making is published regarding application of Cox® Technic. This accepted and published protocol calls for 3 to 6 visits per week as acceptable for care of a radicular patient (one who has severe pain extending down the leg, for example).

If your insurance coverage includes chiropractic spinal manipulation, it will likely pay for Cox® Technic. The same applies for coverage of ancillary care items (like hot/cold therapy, electrical stimulation, nutrition, support belts). Check with your plan or ask the doctor or staff to help you find out.

Realize that insurance coverage does not dictate what is required to manage your spinal pain condition and control the pain. If your insurance says it will only pay for 12 visits and your spinal condition demands that you be seen daily or a couple times a week until your pain is relieved, you will have to decide what is best for your health.

Cox® Technic may be the affordable back pain treatment. Oftentimes, its cost to relieve your pain is less than the cost of an MRI.

Know that your physician is most willing to work with you and your insurance/financial situation to the advantage of your health. 
Just ask.

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