Treatment Plan

A chiropractic physician is a 7 year trained specialist in musculoskeletal conditions. He will do a thorough examination of your complaint to include tests standing, sitting, lying down. She will observe you walk. As simple as knowing if the back pain came on before the leg pain or knowing which finger feels pain or numbness, the doctor can determine the affected disc and nerve. He or she may want to take x-rays as confirmation of his diagnosis. MRIs and other more expensive tests are often not needed unless there is progressive neurological findings or no improvement. All this effort is to ensure as exact a diagnosis as possible in order to care for your spine properly.
Cox® Technic Treatment Plan Guidelines
The Rule of 50%:
50% relief of pain, measured subjectively and objectively, is the goal within the first 30 days of care. If 50% relief of pain is not achieved, further imaging, testing, or surgical consultation will be arranged.


Depending on the diagnosis (a simple sprain or a disc herniation with sciatic pain or arm pain), a treatment plan for pain relief varying from one or two visits a day to one visit a week will be recommended to you. Note: The 50% rule is followed for treatment frequency and design. If you (like many patients) find that you feel 50% relief after one or two treatments, your recommended treatment frequency will be reduced by 50%.

Additional Therapies

Ancillary treatment modalities may be recommended: hot/cold therapy, electrical stimulation (low volt galvanism designed to reduce inflammation and sedate nerves), massage, acupuncture, nutrition (glucosamine sulfate/chondroitin sulfate to help cartilage repair), neck or back support braces.  Listen to the recommendations, and decide what is best for your health.

It will be encouraged that you attend a back wellness school to learn more about your spinal condition and how to control your back pain so it doesn't control you. 


are central to your spinal pain condition's resolution.
  • The physician's role is to support you by being knowledgeable of the most up-to-date procedure to help you regain and maintain your quality of life.
  •  Your role is to understand that there isn't a cure to back pain, but there is control and consider carefully the physician's recommendations for your health.
We work as a team to relieve your pain. Contact your certified Cox® Technic physician today.