Bridget Most, DC

Most Chiropractic Clinic
810 NW Broad St #250
Murfreesboro, TN  37129
More Information:
At Most Chiropractic, our mission is to restore function, mobility, and health to the spine and extremities utilizing chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, and rehabilitative strengthening and stretching.
Many patients with conditions such as RA, DJD(OA), Taurette's, MS, fibromyalgia, disc bulges/herniations, spinal stenosis, etc have stated that while they still have their condition, their symptoms have improved since starting chiropractic treatment at our office making it easier for them to do every day activities.


Monday, Wed & Friday:  9am-noon & 2pm-6pm
Tues:  2pm-6pm
Thurs:  9am-noon

Appointments are mandatory for initial exam/xrays

If you have had an MRI, CAT scan, myelograph, or nerve conductivity tests we encourage you to bring them (and any reports) to your initial visit.