"I have had chronic low back pain and leg pain for years.
"...[I was told I have] three options:
1. You can learn to live with the pain (not an option).
2. You can go live in the nursing home and cope with it by taking drugs.
3. You can try one last ditch effort to improve your health naturally. If you decide to try our method of care distracting the spine, it will take at least a two month commitment at about three times a week.
"I decided to commit to two months of regular care as the nursing home didn’t sound exciting, and with surgery I may never walk again.
"... the specialized care with the distraction instrument [The Cox® Table] Dr. Unruh uses is gentle and it feels great to be stretched. ... I’m not living on pain pills any more."
- Melvin, patient of Dr. Allen Unruh's


"...after just one week of treatments, my shooting leg pain subsided almost 75% and the last thought on my mind was going in for back surgery. I was amazed at the progress I had made in such short time."
- Shawna, patient of Dr. Allen Unruh's
Click here to read Shawna's letter.


"I canceled the surgery. I started to get relief right away. The treatment felt great. It was very relaxing. Gradually the pain went completely away. I can turn my head any direction without pain. I have no arm pain. I can sleep all night and am not taking any medication at all."
- Elaine, a patient of Dr. Allen Unruh's
Click here to see/read Elaine's letter.


"Thanks to your technique and Dr. Jakob, I have canceled my appointment with the surgeon. Dr. Cox, not only am I completely convinced that this technique works, I am literally walking proof. I would have never thought that I could have the health that I have today without surgery. Those around me agree as they have watched the transformation before their eyes. I understand that I have a way to go but I am still in awe of my improvement and confident in my recovery."
- Joline, a patient of Dr. Ben Jakob's
Click here to see/read Joline's letter.


An influential chiropractic physician inspires a young patient to become a chiropractor. The doctor explained that "He attributes a lot of that to the training he has gotten through being certified in the Cox® method."
- E.M., mother of an aspiring chiropractor
Click here to read her email.

Dr. Davis

"Awesome seminar - backed up nicely with the latest research. Fantastic information for every practitioner!"

Dr. DeJesus

"The info is second to none."
- J DeJesus DC


"I wanted to thank you for extremely exciting and informative weekend in Boston." 
"I can say without hesitation that this is the most enthusiastic I have felt following a conference for as long as I can remember." 
"The knowledge obtained in 18 hours alone was more useful and applicable than most of what was learned in school.  Dr. Cox's clinical expertise and love of research is infectious."
- Stephen R. Pedro, DC, Hartford, CT 

workshop evaluation comment

Dr. Cox is a no nonsense teacher.
His passion for healing inspires me to be more scientific with my clinical approach and communication.
-         2/08 workshop attendee (Hawaii with Dr. Cox)

Dr. Dolbin - Dr. Cox's Flexion Distraction

I have had the opportunity to take several courses from Dr. Cox on the application of flexion-distraction as the primary intervention for the treatment of low back pain. His work is a credit to the chiropractic profession, and his seminars are a must for any practitioner who wants to practice the technique [flexion-distraction].
- Jack Dolbin, DC

Dr. Grossi - Multi-Disciplinary Conference Exceeds Expectations

Dear Dr. Cox,
Your recent multi-disciplinary conference at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne exceeded my expectations, which are always high for your seminars. This particular Part Three recertification seminar ranks as one of the most important and useful of my 26 year chiropractic career, mainly because of your ability to weave a "seamless garment" of clinical practice management based on reality rather than hypothesis testing or experimenting on each patient.
I use the term "seamless garment" because my confidence begins with the initial history and exam of the patient, continues through imaging, analysis and diagnosis and, most importantly, is fulfilled when the patient experiences the powerful simplicity and ease of correcting disabling problems on the Cox table.
Thank you for your continued successful focus on "routinizing" these most difficult clinical cases. I look forward to future conferences and developments.
- Yours Truly, David J. Grossi, D.C.   (11/14/06), Advanced Chiropractic Center, Indiana, PA


"I have been using your technique for some time now but the experience of the seminar has shed new light on my practice procedures. It was exciting Monday morning to implement these procedures and see the positive response of my patients. It is also comforting to have the confidence and security that my examination is thorough, my diagnosis is specific and correct, and my treatment is effective. I strongly feel that Cox® flexion distraction is the state of the art conservative treatment of low back pain and ... I feel that every D.C. should be utilizing it in their practices."
-- D.P.V., chiropractic physician


"Yours is the only seminar I have ever attended where so much was packed into so little time ... the most thorough and stimulating professional lecture that I have ever attended.  On Monday morning I believe that I tested more reflexes, muscles and dermatomes than I have in any 30 days previously in 10 years of practice. Thank you for reawakening my intellect and challenging my diagnostic acumen. My practice has already changed, and I'm excited about the future."
-- J.D.L., chiropractic physician.

Dr. Tomaszek

"The long and short of it is that a few sessions of flexion-distraction can, in a surprising number of patients, relieve for long periods of time symptoms of headache, neck pain, arm pain, low back and leg pain coming from MRI proven disc protrusion and spinal stenosis. "

- David Tomaszek, MD, in a letter to HMO Blue (Texas) requesting coverage for flexion-distraction for patients


Dr. Williams

Your treatments are helping. Thank you very much.
- S. Williams, MD to Dr. Chris Humble on a prescription for a mutual patient
Click here to read the case report.

Dr. Dolbin about Flexion Distraction

"Flexion-distraction has demonstrated to be most effective in treating facet syndromes, non-surgical disks, mechanical low back pain, sciatica, and spinal stenosis.

"Flexion-distraction can be a valuable technique in the chiropractor's arsenal. The purpose of this...is not to disparage the different techniques used by chiropractors today, nor to suggest that we should all adopt flexion-distraction as our primary therapeutic technique. Our medical counterparts do not all use the same surgical techniques for disk herniations.

"The key to efficacy of any therapeutic approach is simply patient outcomes. We cannot, however, disregard the importance of research in defending our individual treatment protocol, particulary flexion-distraction."

- Jack Dolbin, DC (article in Chiropractic Products)


"Over the years, Dr. Cox became a good friend through our common love of radiology and through our
conversations at annual meetings of the American Chiropractic College of Radiology and the Council of
Diagnostic Imaging. Ever the prolific researcher, he would present his team’s latest findings at these meetings
and “Wow” the audience in the process. I should say, these are tough audiences to “wow”.

"I just can’t thank Dr. Cox and his research team enough for their excellent work and for developing science based
equipment and techniques that allow me to achieve the desired result
—happy, well patients who tell all their
friends—Oh yes, we’re busier. If you have patients with sciatica, facet syndrome, stenosis, spondyloarthopathy
or any of a host of other ailments associated with injury or degenerative change
, you need one [Cox®7 Table]. Wow!"

- D.W., DC

Dr. Poulin - Patient and Certified Doctor Experiences Relief

"We get miraculous results because treatment is very specific to the area,” says Mike M. Poulin, DC, a Cox recertified physician of Poulin Chiropractic, a practice with two locations in Virginia (Herndon and Ashburn).

"Poulin is a true believer—he attributes his mobility today to the Cox Technic.
"Poulin recalls that he discovered Cox after surgery and reinjury drove him to find the “best possible treatment” for his back. “My disk used to be bone-on-bone lumbar L5 disk, but now, it’s three times the size and looks normal,” Poulin says.
- Mike Poulin DC (from an article in Chiropractic Products)  

motorcycle accident patient

MDs told him to "learn to live with it" -- motorcycle accident victim, suffers with back pain for 32 years, told chiropractic could paralyze him, goes and have relief within 6 weeks.
- patient of Dr. Allen Unruh
Click here to see/read his letter: (Page 1)  & (Page 2).

Herniated Disc Patient

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