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Stenosis patient


Disc Herniation with Leg Pain patient

L5 Disc with Extreme Leg Pain: Out of Pain

Cox Seminar Builds Confidence

“it will change your entire focus and cannot but help enhance your confidence level and knowledge level of spinal biomechanics.”
- evaluation sheet comment

Cox Seminar - Wow

"the presentation of Dr. Gudavalli’s was incredible. Wow!”
- attendee comment from evaluation sheet

the 10% of the profession

“you can [sic] learn a technique that will [sic] put you in the top 10% of the profession by being able to better diagnose ... And better treat low back conditions. You can increase the sophistication of your practice.”
- attendee comment from evaluation sheet

Dr. Cox's presentation / seminar

About Dr. Cox’s presentation: “his passion about chiropractic and technique is motivating, infectious, and contagious. … I would return next weekend and do it all over again!”
- attendee comment from evaluation sheet

Chavleen About The Cox Table and Technic

Dear Dr. (Al) Unruh,
What a revolution in chiropractic care are these new Cox tables! I couldn't imagine you had adjusted both hips with no "crunching"...I have always worried that I was going to war my chiropractor out before his time; but with the help of these new tables, hopefully we can both gracefully grow old together!
Appreciatively, Chavleen


Calvin with pre/post MRI images

My name is Calvin V  (a patient of Dr. Allen Unruh's).  

I’m writing this for all patients contemplating back surgery. My advice: Don’t do it until you have seen Dr. Allen Unruh for at least a month and commit to following his advice.

When I first came in  I could hardly walk.  I couldn’t sit,  lay down,  or stand up without pain.  The pain went from my back all the way down to my foot.  It was a sharp and shooting and burning pain.   It would wake me up and I couldn’t get comfortable to get back to sleep.
My dilemma:  I had  committed a trip on a motorcycle with my buddy in which every year we ride 1000 miles in 24 hours. This year we planned on going to Salt Lake City Utah. Even the suggestion of not taking this trip by Dr. Unruh went in one ear and out the other.  It was unacceptable. The trip was scheduled in 6 weeks and I told Dr. Unruh to just pop that bone back in place so I could get on my bike and ride,  and ride and ride.
He tried to explain that sciatic nerve pain is not something that just goes away in 10 minutes. Especially one that causes the type of pain I had. He suggested an MRI and possibly an injection which I very reluctantly agreed to. The results were a LARGE EXTRUDED DISC with a hemangioma (blood clot) on the nerve.
Dr. Unruh explained I had several options: 
  1. Do nothing and hope it goes away – the odds are zip.
  2. Live on drugs -  only treats the symptoms.
  3. Have back surgery – skip the trip and be laid up for quite a while. It’s risky and very expensive.
  4. Last, get Chiropractic adjustments with the Cox distraction instrument daily for a month,  and there is a good chance the pain and inflammation would subside enough to go on the trip. Also,  he explained that often blood clots like this can reabsorb in the body as he continually distracts the  discs apart. The distraction also creates a suction on the disc to bring the extruded disc off the nerve.   
I had an injection, and took some pain pills at first because the pain was unbearable. The first week I started getting relief.   Over the month the pain gradually left my leg but continued into my hip and my calf was still sensitive. The week before leaving my leg and back pain were completely gone.  
I went on the trip. Rode 2600 miles in 4 days and I continue to feel great. Like Dr. Unruh said he does not take the credit because the human body did the miracle. His job is to convince people to have more faith in the human body than man made chemicals and a knife. I’m sure glad I did and highly recommend anyone else with sciatic pain like I had to get see Dr. Allen Unruh [editor comment: or a certified doctor like Dr. Unruh)] FIRST!       

On the first MRI study of the lumbar spine performed 6-3-10, the size of the right L5-S1 lateral epidural space heterogenous soft tissue mass measured 150 sq mm. On a follow-up MRI study of the L5-S1 level on 7-9-10 revealed mild interval decrease in size of the previously seen heterogenous soft tisssue mass in the right lateral epidural space to 120 sq mm with decrease in the deformation of the right lateral thecal sac.  
This reports a 20% reduction of the size of the herniated disc in a 36 day treatment period. Literature shows varying reports of the degree of disc reduction size in pre and post MRI studies of successfully treated lumbar disc herniation cases. The reductions range from zero to 100% reduction with some cases even showing increased size of the disc herniation in patients relieved of radicular pain. Authors have stated there is little correlation of the size of disc herniation to patient symptoms and the majority of asymptomatic people will show disc herniation on MRI study.

Patients Appreciate Cox Technic Education

My patients come to me for Cox Technic because of the advanced training that is offered through the Cox Certification.  They know that they are getting the best that Chiropractic can offer when they see a Cox certified physician.  Certification, seminar attendance, Cox monthly pearls, writing case reports and networking with other, successful Cox physicians keeps me on the leading edge of the non-surgical management of disc herniation, disc degeneration, scoliosis, and spinal stenosis.

~ Dr. Dean Greenwood


Dr. Bell

Cox Technic is the most celebrated technique of choice by my patients in my practice.  It's safe enough to treat from teenage to elderly patients and effective enough to manage failed back surgery syndrome.  I pride myself on resolving spinal conditions that my fellow peers and/or medical physicians throw their hands up at, and Cox Technic blesses me with the tools to handle such tough cases!  Cox technic is truthly a blessing for my life's work.           
~ Gerald O. Bell, DC

Dr. Siciliano - No More Referring Complicated Patients Out!

I was tired of referring patients with complicated spinal conditions for pain management or surgery.  Becoming certified Cox Technic has helped me “level the playing field”.
~ Dr. Ted Siciliano, DC                  

Dr. Siciliano - Benefit of Cox Certification

Cox Technic certification has prepared me to be very competitive in the disc decompression arena and allows me to treat patients with a variety of disc conditions.
Cox Technic certification has trained me to effectively treat patients with spinal stenosis, herniated cervical and lumbar discs and degenerative disc disease which opens up a large source of new patients.
 ~ Dr. Ted Siciliano, DC                  

Dr. Siciliano - Successfully Treat Stenosis with Cox

Patients with degenerative disc disease (spinal stenosis) need a conservative treatment choice for their condition.  Cox Technic technic effectively fills this void.
~ Dr. Ted Siciliano, DC                  

Dr. Lombardy - Cox Opens Medical Doors

When the Orthopaedic Dept. at the Medical College of Georgia decided to add Chiropractic to its Dept. I presented the Cox Technic to them. Because of the research, results and the gentle type of  manipulation that  is this technique, the Chief of Orthopaedic surgery was impressed. We are now using flexion-distraction decompression, administered by a Doctor of Chiropractic, in the Orthopaedic Dept. at MCG for the first time in history!    
~ Dr. K.F.Lombardy  Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Medical College of Georgia

Dr. Brandt - Referrals from Medical Groups

Doors have been opened for patient referrals from medical groups. Explanation of treatment to other providers, the flexion-distraction research findings provided and explaining set treatment protocols for conditions have driven this exchange.
~ Dr. Brandt

Dr. Manoni - Builds Reputation with Medical Commumity

An  excellent, extremely effective, well researched Chiropractic technique that I can explain to and is readily accepted by the the medical community which fosters referrals and encourages the co-management of difficult cases. Cox Flexion-Distraction makes the everyday cases a breeze.

~ Ronald G Manoni, DC

Dr. Kruse - Patients Don't Like to be "Cracked"

Cox Manipulation effectively treats neck and back pain without 'cracking' the spine. Plus, local doctors refer their disc patients to me because they know I won't 'pop' the neck and back, but instead use a gentle and well-researched manipulation procedure. 
~ Dr. Ralph Kruse


Dr. Hunter - Internet Search & Doctor Consult Directs Patient to Cox Technic

I heard this from a new patient just today:

"I've investigated on the internet and asked my doctor what is best for my spinal condition and feel that Cox flexion decompression is the right technic for me".

~ Dr. Richard Hunter
Certified in Cox® Spinal Decompression Technique
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