Dr. Clancy - Cox System of Protocols Produces Results

Using the Cox protocol is a safe and effective way to provide consistent positive results. Diagnose correctly, treat correctly, and get the results everyone wants.
~ Dr. Richard Clancy

Dr. Widmer - Conservative Treatment Draws Patients

"My patients come to me for Cox Technic because...they know I have been able to give them great conservative treatment results for their disc problem when other practitioners have failed."

~ Larry F Widmer, DC, DACO


Dr. Fullmer - Cox Technic Accepted In Multi-Disciplinary Group

Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression is effective for the tough conditions like stenosis and disc herniation and disc degeneration.

I was treating a local orthopedic surgeon ulilizing the Cox Technic. He saw the value and after explainig the research outcomes I was invited to speak to the other orthopedists in the practice. They asked me to join their Orthopedic Practice.  After 28 years as a sole practicioner, I am now in a true professional multi-disciplinary group where patient care is foremost.  Cox Technic protocols are utilized everyday in this practice with great results.
~ Stephen Y. Fullmer DC

Dr. Cipriani - Cox Technic for Difficult Spinal Disorders

The Cox Technic allows me to confidently treat a variety of difficult spinal disorders, supported by peer reveiwed scientific research, with excellent results. 
- Dr. John Cipriani

Dr. Lebel - Cox Technic Relieves Pain When other Care Doesn't

I have found that for back pain patients ...
It seems that no matter what is wrong with you back causing pain, Cox Flexion/Distraction will mechanically take the pain away!
Even if you stop coming and the pain returns, Cox Flexion/Distraction will work again to relieve the pain.
Nothing seems to work more immediately to lessen and relieve back pain than Cox Flexion/Distraction.
Many patients scheduled for surgery have cancelled and never had the surgery following treatment by Cox Flexion/Distraction.
Patients have been to orthopaedists, neurologists, and rhumatologist, and only finally got pain relief with Cox Flexion/Distraction. 
~ Dr. Mike Lebel

Dr. Corbin - Cox Technic Research & Clinical Outcomes Impress Patients and Medical Colleagues

Here is a recent patient conversation I had. This patient was sent just the other week to me by a pain management practice.
The patient has had pain for ten plus years, has had injections, had two knee replacements, and is in chronic pain in her lumbar spine with degenerative arthritis causing stenosis and both central canal and foraminal diffuse. On her first visit we did the exam and shared the report of findings with her. I explained what was wrong with her based on her exam and radiology and laid out the treatment plan of what we were going to do with The Cox Table and why The Cox Table was necessary as well as the exercise she needed.
The patient had a confused look on her face, and I asked if she understood. She looked at me and said "that makes sense with what I have been feeling." She went on to say that it is the opposite of what everyone else, the PTs and other physicians, have explained to her. She also stated that she went to PT, and it made her worse so she quit. 
I have started her on the Cox Protocol One and proper exercise. She is surprised at how well she is doing, and I think a little irritated at her other healthcare providers. She has told me that I need to get the word out about what we are doing more because she is not the only one in her position. I recommended she talk with her pain management physician, and she said she will be calling the pain management doctor and recommending that the pain management doctor send everyone she has to me for care. This quite kind.
The Cox method makes this type of care and clinical result possible where no other technique is able to produce these results with this level of contition. The reason the pain management group started referring in the first place is the lecture for doctors that you [Cox Technic Resource Center] put together. I presented it to the four doctors and 2 nurse practitioners. They were all impressed that this type of care was available and with the research that is behind this technique. Also it makes sense to them. They appreciate the fact that we are offering an alternative for patients whot have nowhere else to go. High velocity-low amplitude [HVLA] adjusting is often contraindicated in their patient population, and they like that we understand this and can do something about it that WORKS.
~ Shay W. Corbin D.C.



"I am a Cox® certified doctor who has had the new [Cox7] table for over 4 years. I was amazed at how much I learned on improving my technique. If you have not returned to Cox Seminars in a while, you will be impressed by how much you will learn on areas you thought you had mastered. As you all know Dr. Jim does not sit still and the research is contantly getting better and better."
~ Orlando Part I (3/11) attendee for re-certification

Part I Weekend Student Input

"speaker [Dr. George Joachim] was very knowledgeable! I learned more with him these few days than I have within the last 3 months. Thank you!"
I would tell my colleagues "that within 1 weekend I learned how to treat antalgic patients so that they see results within 12 visits / 29 days [average per 1000 cases study]! I would urge all students to get certified not only for their personal knowledge but for their patients!"
~ Orlando Part I, March 2011

Great weekend - tips for Monday morning

Thanks for great weekend - always leave with take home tips for Monday morning and feel like I get great information for clinical practice.
~ Orlando attendee, 3/11, Part I

Seminars - hands-on practice and research

The information is well backed by research and hands-on practice.
~ Orlando Part I Cox Seminar attendee, 3/11

Seminar / Certification for doc and patient

I would encourage a colleague to certify in Cox Technic because Cox Technic allows "efficiency and overall 'full spine' treatment with doctor 'ease'. I've been practicing for 20 years and need to work 'smarter' not harder!!"
~ Orlando Part I attendee for re-certification, 3/11
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